Specialisterne team

In Spain we are already more than 100 people working at Specialisterne, but our family includes more than 600 people who have received our training and support and who have now been hired by companies with which we collaborate.

Here you can find a good part of our team, made up mostly of people with autism and similar conditions, generally working as IT consultants and data and document processing consultants but also occupying positions in other areas.

Professionals from the field of labor inclusion and autism, human resources, finance or marketing complete a team motivated by the social purpose of supporting the full inclusion of people with autism and Asperger’s in our society.

It’s the first time I’ve seen the whole team in a picture. It’s kind of like a graduation photo and I think it’s the first time I’ve been part of a graduation photo: the graduation photo of a team that I’m a part of..

Mariano Seixo

Our Team

Albert Hernández

Albert Prats

Albert Vilas

Ana Paños

Àngel Ibarra

Carla Benzano

Carles Quintana

Carlos Romero

David Fernández

Diana Bohórquez

Rossy Robaina

Elena Velasco

Francesc Sistach

Francisco Javier Escalona

Joana Esquirol

Jaume Terol

Joan Boter

Júlia Lladó

Julio Gómez

Jose Segundo

Juan Francisco Alcañiz

Lídia Montserrat

Luis Quetglas

Laura Chamero

Leonard Cano

Mariano Seixo

Mariano Seixo

Marta Mas

Marc Puiggalí

Marc Pacheco

Miquel Palomares

Montse Bizarro

Nuri Arenyes

Marta Tantiñà

Miguel del Pino

Sònia Yanguas

Txell Dalmau

Pau Hernández

Sonia Mijana

Xose Carballeira

Arianna Chiriboga

Verónica Puerta

Antonio Fuertes

Eva Aguado

Mateo Novas

Anell León

Roger Llòria

Florencia Álvarez

Pol Colomer

Ramón Barceló

Marina Pedrosa

Jordi Gamundi