Specialisterne supports the United Nations Global Compact

Jul 2, 2019

Specialisterne is already part of the largest voluntary initiative for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the world, to promote corporate sustainability through the implementation, in its strategy and operations, of the ten universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact: The Development Goals Sustainable (ODS).

The United Nations Global Compact has more than 13,000 signatory entities and has a presence in 160 countries. In Spain, it does so through the Spanish Global Compact Network with more than 1,530 entities, being the Local Network with the largest number of participants worldwide.

The commitment and effort of the entire Specialisterne team, as well as the complicity of all its clients, allow the creation of sustainable and future-oriented business models, in the vision of a world where all people have the same opportunities to access the labor market. In its activity, Specialisterne is already closely linked to four of the Sustainable Development Goals:


Written by Núria Masip.