Specialisterne, S.L. renews the Diversity Charter

Mar 27, 2019

This March, Specialisterne, S.L. has renewed its commitment to the Diversity Charter for the 2019-2021 periods. The Diversity Charter is promoted by the Fundación Diversidad.

Fundación Diversidad is an entity set up by the European Institute for Diversity Management and Fundación Alares – and its currently promoted by the latter – with the aim of promoting the inclusion of diversity management in Spain through the implementation of the Charter of Diversity, promoted by the European Commission. Its primary task is to promote and implement the Diversity Charter in Spain among companies and public institutions, and to become a support for the implementation of diversity and anti-discrimination policies and strategies in Spain.


The objective of the Diversity Foundation is to promote non-discrimination and, therefore, the inclusion of people with diverse cultures and profiles as a tool at the service of companies and institutions with the intention of improving their economic efficiency and greater social integration of the workers. Fundación Diversidad aims to create in Spain a community of private and public organizations that share the same principles of inclusion of diversity. The principles of diversity assume the creation of a diverse workforce and avoid homogeneity of the workforce. Managing the inclusion of diversity in the country brings economic benefits through increased productivity of companies and institutions and social benefits, thanks to the creation of a non-discriminatory society.

The Diversity Charter is a letter of commitment that companies and institutions of the same country sign on a voluntary basis, regardless of their size, to promote their commitment to:

  • Fundamental principles of equality
  • Behavior of respect for the right of inclusion of all people regardless of their diverse profiles, in the work environment and in society.
  • Recognition of the benefits provided by the inclusion of cultural, demographic and social diversity in your organization.
  • Implementation of concrete policies to promote a work environment free from prejudice in the field of employment, training and promotion.
  • Promotion of non-discrimination programs towards disadvantaged groups.

It is FREE, since all companies can express their commitment to the principles of the Charter at no cost, and COMMITTED, with the need to extend this message to the entire environment of the company – employees, customers, suppliers – to foster a community that shares the same principles and therefore enhances the quality of life and work of people and their organizations.

Our commitment is in fulfilling the objectives of the Charter in a practical way.