Specialisterne project in Mallorca

Jun 22, 2021

Specialisterne has carried out a training project for the labor inclusion of people with autism in Mallorca together with the Amadip-Esment Foundation. This collaboration has been developed within the framework of the LABOR INSERTION IN TIC project IN AERONAUTICAL AND AIRPORT COMPANIES carried out by Amadip Esment Fundació in collaboration with Specialisterne and financed by ENAIRE.


The objectives of this collaboration have been twofold:

  • Train Foundation professionals in this type of training and job inclusion programs so that they can take advantage of this knowledge in future accompaniments and support.
  • Implement a first training program in Mallorca based on the Specialisterne methodology. This program consisted of selecting and subsequently training 10 people on the autism spectrum. The 4 weeks of training were focused on improving technical skills (office automation, teamwork methodologies, etc.) as well as socio-labor skills (communication, interaction, time management, problem solving, and others). As a final phase, the 10 people have been able to put into practice all the learning obtained in the training through 120 hours of internships in companies in the aeronautical sector.


In the following video we know first-hand the experience of this collaboration with some of its protagonists.




Specialisterne and the Amadip-Esment Foundation will continue to collaborate in the future in a job placement project, following Specialisterne’s line of collaboration with other entities related to autism or job placement that has already led us to carry out projects in Euskadi, Ávila, Mallorca and very soon in Seville.