Opportunities in the field of cybersecurity

Nov 26, 2016

The prestigious magazine Wired recently published an article which discusses the potential of people with ASD in the field of cybersecurity. The article mentions Alan Turing, who deciphered the Nazi army code system in World War II and whose profile could place him in the autism spectrum. The author, Kevin Pelphrey, cites this as an example of the benefit to society of giving an opportunity to people who think differently. Pelphrey also criticizes the allocation of funds dedicated to autism: only 1% is destined for youth and adults, thus limiting their chances to find a job, greater independence and a better life.

The field of cybersecurity, where the shortage of talent is becoming more and more pressing, is cited as an area for which it makes a lot of sense to employ people with ASD or a similar diagnosis. In Spain we have had consultants working in the area of the cybersecurity for some time now, including the case of Manel, which is explained in the video.