One hundred people working at Specialisterne Spain

Jul 23, 2021

We ended the month of June celebrating the 8th anniversary of Specialisterne in Spain, and this July we ended up celebrating that we are already more than 100 people working in Spain.

We have teams of people with autism working in banks, insurance companies, IT companies, and increasingly in unique projects such as computer forensics, transcription of conversations, viewing and tagging of video recordings, accounting and many others. others.

And the project that is currently making the most incorporations is that of Casa Batlló, the first international cultural entity that has a large team of neurodivergent people to serve visitors.

With this hundred people already working at Specialisterne, we wish you to enjoy the holiday period, which we have well deserved after the year we have spent at the health level. And we encourage you to get in touch with us when you return if you want to resolve any questions or want to know more about us and our model of training and labor inclusion of people with autism and neurodivergent.