Autism at Work: success for the first project in Mexico

Jan 23, 2021

We start 2021 with good news: the successful completion of the first joint project of SAP and Specialisterne for the job placement of people with autism in Mexico City, as well as the hiring, derived from that project, of 3 people with that diagnosis in SAP from February 2.

 In this first project, SAP and Specialisterne have had the collaboration of many professionals and entities that have helped spread the project. As a result, broad participation was achieved in the selection process to fill 5 available positions for a month-long technical and socio-labor training program.

 The selected people have been working hard in each proposed module, showing and improving a wide range of skills throughout the project. Specialisterne has contributed its entire work placement methodology, and SAP, through its internal Autism at work program, all its support with many HR people, managers and members of various teams, who have been involved since the beginning of the project so that the insertion was a success.

 Apart from the hiring of these 3 people with autism in the areas of Business Processes Consultant, Solution Advisor (Pre-sales) and Technology Consultant, the final result of the process is well summarized by those same people through their testimonies.

”I am completely grateful for the great opportunity that this new career path represents, from my personal independence to the possibility of taking advantage of my abilities to contribute to society and the satisfaction that that gives me.”

”It is a hopeful experience in terms of building a labor outlook based on inclusion as one of its foundations, and I thank, highlighting the professionalism of all the personnel involved from both Specialisterne and SAP. Hopefully this contributes and adds to that milestone that allows the broad development of these projects in Mexico, where today more than ever they are indisputably necessary.”

“From the selection process to my integration into SAP, this has been the beginning of a new adventure in my life whose journey I am really enjoying traveling, especially because I have had the support of many professionals who have always been willing to help us when it is needed and more than just colleagues have become friends. I can’t wait to see how far I can go and how much I can grow in this great place where the greatest limits are what I can set myself.”